A natural gift from Hawaii

From its blue oceans and beautiful beaches to its tropical forests and steaming volcanic peaks, Hawaii fills all of your senses with the richness of life. Destiny deep sea water, like so many other tropical delights, comes from Hawaii.

Just off the coast of Hawaii’s big island, over three thousand feet below the surface, the most pristine water the earth has to offer flows in the great global conveyer, all the way from the glaciers of Greenland. This water is unspoiled, electrolyte-rich, and aged for millennia. From this source, Destiny draws its cool and refreshing water.

Follow your Destiny--to the life giving waters of the deep sea.

Water is one of the primary ingredients required to maintain health and energy through the absorption of key vitamins and minerals into our bodies. Destiny deep sea water offers these life-enhancing functions with natural electrolytes and nutrients found in the depths of the ocean, uncontaminated by the effects of photosynthesis or impurities in the upper layers of ocean water. Destiny deep sea water is the healthiest and most refreshing solution to your body’s water needs.

Water: an essential component of health and life

As the healthiest alternative in bottled water, Destiny deep sea water offers tremendous value to the body.

Along with amino acids (protein), minerals are the basic building blocks of every human cell. RNA/DNA, the blueprints to each cell, require certain minerals to function properly. Protein chains cannot form without the presence of minerals. Destiny contains miniscule sized ionic minerals that are easily absorbed into human cells.

Nutrition information

Product 300H water FiT 90 UltraFiT 90 Facial Mist 90
Serving size 8 oz. 2 droppers 2 droppers 4 sprays
Amount per serving
Calories: 0% 0% 0% 0%
Total Fat: 0% 0% 0% 0%
Sodium: 1% <1% <1% <1%
Total Carb: 0% 0% 0% 0%
Protein: 0% 0% 0% 0%
*These are percentage of daily intake based on 2000 calorie diet
Mineral Coposition 300H water FiT 90 UltraFiT 90 Facial Mist 90
Magnesium: 72 mg/L 2.4 mg/Serving 3.4 mg/Serving 0.8 mg/Serving
Calcium: 12 mg/L .5 mg/Serving 1 mg/Serving 0.3 mg/Serving
Potassium: 0.6 mg/L 0.02 mg/Serving 1.9 mg/Serving 0.5 mg/Serving
Sodium: 25 mg/L 0.8 mg/Serving 3.35 mg/Serving 0.8 mg/Serving
Copper: .02 mg/L trace trace trace
Iron: .05 mg/L trace trace trace
Manganese: .01 mg/L trace trace trace
Silica: 16 mg/L trace trace trace
Zinc: .05 mg/L trace trace trace